Cythera Co-Founder and Director Craig Joyce shares why he stands for Cyber Security in Australia.

Craig Joyce has a strong reputation for his work in providing senior leaders in Australia with counsel on all matters relating to IT.

Craig has helped countless businesses thrive under varying conditions and across manufacturing, retail and technology sectors, also lending his focus to new businesses that need the right IT tools and advice to grow.

As one of the minds behind the highly regarded O2 Networks, Craig has spent his career taking on challenges in the IT industry and shedding light on the complex cyber security issues that businesses face every day in Australia and around the globe.

“The important thing with starting any business is understanding what it is you are setting out to achieve,” said Craig.

“We stand for cyber security and we are out there to protect our customers. That whole approach of thinking closely around what you would need to protect your own business and what type of services you would want to consume is a really good launching position into figuring out what you think you would need to appeal inside the market.”

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“We have spent a lot of time looking at the technologies and the cyber security landscape and the threats that are out there and we’ve tailored our solution set to meet those requirements. Also, at the same time we’ve really focused very much on ignoring what’s come before and thinking where things are going in the future so that we know our platform will stand the test of time.”

Two biggest threats to businesses in Australia

“The two biggest threats to your business are going to be attacks that are aimed towards your people and attacks that are aimed at the end point. It is important to have both of those at the forefront of your mind,” said Craig.

“How do you educate your users? How to you make sure their devices are secure? They are the most common forms of attack.”

“Last year, 75% of all attacks were aimed at individual users and behaviours of those users to launch those attacks.”

“Our whole business is based around being your eyes, so we will look at your security infrastructure, we will look at your business and we will identify threats and we will help you remediate any that may occur within your environment.”

“We are the one stop shop.”

Watch as Co-Founder Craig Joyce shares why he stands for Cyber Security in Australia.

Craig Joyce is Co-Founder and Director of Cythera, with a leadership team comprised of industry veterans with backgrounds as highly successful entrepreneurs, Tier 1 telco or IT vendor providers.

Craig and the Cythera team are passionate advocates with a belief in the criticality of effective cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Cythera understands the challenges local businesses face protecting their business from cyber threats and has built Cythera from the ground up to support businesses to meet these demands.

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