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Malware That Lives Beyond OS Rebuild

Normally if your machine is infected with malware, you can simply reinstall Windows, and the problem is solved, right? Not with this type of malware.  Kaspersky Lab have discovered a trojan known as IntelUpdate.exe which establishes persistence by placing itself in the

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cyber awareness

Does Your Organisation Need Cyber Security Training?

If you’re serious about protecting your company, then the only answer is yes! New employees are onboarded are expected to understand and abide by the policies and procedures set out by the organisation. These policies are made to protect the

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The Ransomware Playbook

Ransomware incidents are becoming prolific. We’re seeing a steady stream of Australian businesses come to us to help them respond to ransomware incidents (we’ve had several in the last week alone), or deploy preventative controls after mopping up an attack.

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Amplify client engagement and relationships with Cythera

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), you’re probably internally considering how to offer cyber security services to your existing clients and prospects.  Do you build team capabilities internally, or do you look for partnership opportunities with specialist cyber security

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Partnerships should help build capability

Individuals and companies like to use the term ‘partnership’ when trying to build rapport and relationships.  This creates a sense of cooperation, collaboration and alliance for a beneficial outcome of each party.    Current market conditions may reflect a potential deflationary environment where organisations may pull back from hiring new staff.  If this happens, how does

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Reusing Passwords In 2020

Who out there has been guilty of reusing a password? We’re all guilty of it! Results from a recent Google survey discovered that at least 65% of people reuse passwords on multiple sites, sometimes even all sites. Whilst this may

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Protecting a distributed workforce.

COVID-19 has quickly switched many organisations to full work remote / from home policies, and IT teams are dusting off disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We know hackers are using Coronavirus to target users, so it’s important to keep

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The basic defense trifecta smart businesses are deploying in 2020

2020 is going to be a game changer.

Businesses globally are looking to streamline operations and get an edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Savvy leaders will make sure their attention always remains on their core goal.

This includes keeping an eye on their core offering and making sure they nail delivery on all elements of their business.

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cyber security

Cythera Co-Founder and Director Craig Joyce shares why he stands for Cyber Security in Australia.

Craig Joyce has a strong reputation for his work in providing senior leaders in Australia with counsel on all matters relating to IT.

Craig has helped countless businesses thrive under varying conditions and across manufacturing, retail and technology sectors, also lending his focus to new businesses that need the right IT tools and advice to grow.

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