Cythera WebProtect


  • Defend against real-time advanced internet threats and data theft

    • Spear Phishing

    • Crypto-Ransomware

    • Web-Based Malware

  • Monitor and control internet usage

  • Block access to inappropriate websites and URL’s

  • Geo-Block untrusted destinations

  • Categorisation updates provided in real-time

  • Cloud delivered, cost effective and simple to set up

  • Includes ability to add on CASB for cloud and SaaS access control and DLP.

In an increasingly digitized world, web access is no longer a luxury, it’s a business imperative. Malicious actors exploit the dynamic and complex nature of the internet to deliver threats and steal users login details through phishing pages, looking to gain a foothold in your network infrastructure.

Protecting your network and data against advanced threats, crypto-ransomware and exploit kits is crucial for the survival of your business in an increasingly risky mobile and cloud connected digital world. According to the SANS Institute, 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful spear phishing attacks which demonstrates the willingness for users continue to click on malicious URL’s.

Whether you need to enforce web access policies to control employee access to risky and inappropriate content, or securing your users no matter where they access the network, Cythera WebProtect, powered by Netskope, offers real-time protection against advanced threats and data theft with multiple deployment options to ensure rapid protection of all your users.


Block the use of unsanctioned cloud applications while permitting the use of those deemed organization-approved. Cythera WebProtect allows you to easily add full Cloud Access Security capabilities to accommodate web security solutions to provide control for cloud applications.

WebProtect saves you time and money, adding another tool to minimize unproductive web usage. With advanced reporting on more than 95 URL categories, your business can gain greater visibility than ever, reduce risk, and can tailor usage policies to your organization's unique needs. Filtering out non business related websites, geo-blocking untrusted destinations, and reducing risk. URL categories are updated in real-time to help us ensure protection against today's targeted and advanced threats.

With WebProtect you can drill down into reports on all threats that your business would have been susceptible to without web protection in place, and get full visibility into the risks and internet usage of your users. WebProtect allows for your users to be pre-configured with custom policies by group, device or network.