Testimonial – Legal


Cythera has provided us the peace of mind that comes from knowing that security incidents are
quickly identified and stopped. Cythera are easy to work with, there is no fuss, and they deliver an exceptional service as our managed security partner. We wish all relationships with other service
providers would be the same.

-IT Executive, National Law firm


What were the key business drivers for pursuing a Managed Security Service?

Managing cyber risk is a top priority within our company and we needed to work with a specialised managed security provider who could improve our security capability whilst also reducing our overall risk.

What was it like before you started working with Cythera?

We wanted to ensure we had sufficient visibility and internal capabilities to efficiently detect and respond to cyber threats. We aspired to build a more robust security capability, but we did not know where to start or how long it would take. We engaged Cythera because they provided clear, cost- effective security improvement recommendations that could be quickly deployed without a heavy reliance on our internal IT team.

What made you happiest about working with Cythera?

We started working with Cythera during the pandemic when we needed to quickly deploy a security solution which could improve visibility whilst also protecting our staff, including our remote workforce. Cythera’s responsiveness and speed to deliver value was near-immediate and over the space of two weeks were able to deploy the managed security service with minimal interruption. The process was seamless, with no stress and no fuss. It was a positive way to start our relationship.

What have you been able to achieve since using Cythera’s services?

Our security posture has improved, and we have minimised security risks by using Cythera’s service. Cythera has repeatedly proven its capability to detect and proactively respond to security threats whilst also acting as thoughtful partner when providing security advice or improvement recommendations.

What made Cythera’s service stand out from other providers?

Even though Cythera was relatively new when we first met, we recognised a cultural fit that was a very strong attribute. Cythera has a strong trustworthy team driving it and we knew straight away that we were in safe hands. They were professional, responsive, and diligent through all interactions. This level of service has continued, and as a result we have now signed up for a new, three-year term.

How has Cythera been able to integrate with your existing team?

Cythera built immediate trust with our company by demonstrating quick action. Our team treats Cythera as an extension of themselves. They are the security arm of our business. There is no demarcation line and the process of integration has been seamless compared to other companies that we have dealt with. It has been a year since we have been working with Cythera and we feel an implicit level of trust which is the foundation for our continued partnership. It is frictionless!
We wish all relationships with other service providers would be the same.

Was there something Cythera could do differently to improve the service?

We were initially looking at a 24×7 capability, but Cythera did not provide that at the time. Now the new arrangement that we have in place with them is more representative to a 24-hour cycle. Cythera continues to grow and is now bringing more to the table such as third-party risk assessments, penetration testing, web security, data loss prevention and security automation.

Is there something else you might want to add?

Cythera does not only make us more resilient as a company, but they also help us become better through continuous security improvement. We have a respectful relationship with each other which makes working together easy and stress-free. We have also recognised that cyber security is a collective challenge and one where there is strength in numbers. Cythera brings collective intelligence based on experience and learnings gained from multiple geographies, across different market segments. This experience has provided our business with significant confidence that if someone sneezes in another region, Cythera will protect us from catching the same cold.

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