Why should you be considering a MSSP?

A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) allows a business to selectively consume externally provided cyber security services to meet the business objectives of your organisation. Here at Cythera we have built a wide range of services and platforms that our customers can consume on a monthly basis, allowing for business to consider contracting security services rather than managing them in-house (or worse, doing nothing at all.)

But what are the benefits to partnering with a MSSP?

24/7 “Eyes On Glass” Monitoring

Do you have a dedicated security operations centre with staff looking at logs, systems and events 24×7? This is a very expensive and labour heavy endeavour, one that is extremely difficult to resource with the current cyber security skills shortage.  Are you doing the best thing by your business by not ensuring you have suitably skilled engineers looking at your security environment around the clock looking for indicators of compromise in your network? 

Working with a MSSP lets you know you have a team of security professionals protecting your business 24×7. Professionals with a high degree of experience in managing your technology suite and a focus on helping ensure you don’t get breached.

Even if you have an internal security team, a MSSP will be able to augment your team and leverage their experience across many customer accounts to give you strong strategic advice and assistance to let you adapt to the changing threat landscape. This extends the impact of your internal teams, giving your stakeholders the information they need to successfully grow their business.

Lower Costs

Building a full-scale internal cyber security team or a security operations centre comes at a not insignificant cost. Is your business prepared to invest heavily in technology and people and continue to invest in these areas to stay in front of the latest advances of cyberattacks? 

A Managed Detection & Response solution from Cythera with 24×7 monitoring for a mid-sized organisation (250-500 staff) will often cost you less than the cost of having a dedicated security professional on staff each year.  This is before you factor in the costs of the necessary infrastructure technology you’d need to deliver a similar outcome, let alone the fact that this single engineer would need a never ending supply of NoDoze to allow you to be aware 24×7 of what is happening in your business.

World Class Technology & Insights

Chosing a MSSP like Cythera lets our customers gain access to the best intelligence about the local Australian cyber security realm, as well as access to world class technology platforms from tier one vendors, selected because they represent the best cyber security protection available today. For smaller businesses, this means that you have access to the types of cyber security protection technologies that would ordinarily only be available to the largest enterprises, but at a price point that won’t break the bank, coupled with threat intelligence relevant to the local market. 

The attacks of today are just as likely to come knocking at the door of small to medium enterprises and it is demonstrably risky to not have adequate security measures in place to protect your business . A breach can bring a business of any size to their knees.

Inbuilt Technology Updates and Upgrades

Your MSSP is the responsible party when it comes to maintaining, patching, and upgrading the cyber security technology offers that supports your business. No longer do you need to manage complex patching schedules, deal with out of date hardware or technologies that don’t do what you need them to do anymore.  At Cythera we own all of that responsibility, constantly patching and maintaining the technologies that protect your users and keeping attackers at bay. 

We spend a lot of our time testing, piloting and evaluating the latest cyber security technology offers and ascertaining what is the best fit for our customers as the threats and attacks customers are exposed to evolve.  If part of our portfolio needs augmenting or replacement, we do so as part of your MSSP contract, all transparently and with no cost to you as the customer.

Training, Assessments and Testing

As a MSSP, Cythera sits across many customer networks, gaining visibility of the threats commonly (and uncommonly) seen in Australian businesses. We can helpfully provide your business with an outsiders perspective on perceived gaps in your overall cyber security strategy.  Additionally, we offer training services to help prepare your business for potential breaches and how to manage these incidents in a controlled and assured fashion.  Cythera has a robust cyber security posture assessment methodology based on the ASD Essential 8 and the NIST framework which we can collaboratively work through with your business to gauge your cyber readiness and we offer a wide range of penetration, vulnerability and compromise assessments to test your businesses cyber defences.

Cythera’s cyber security solutions allow for the rapid deployment of Assessment, Protection, Detection, Monitoring, Reaction and Assurance technologies to meet the security needs of Australian businesses, all delivered for a predictable, low monthly cost.

The Cythera portfolio is built from a series of cohesive managed cyber security solutions, designed with the threat landscape of today and tomorrow in mind. We help you defend your organisation, your users and your applications from malicious threats so you can focus on growing your business.

With no upfront capital costs and the freedom of a monthly billing cycle, Cythera’s Security-as-a-Service offering gives your business the ability to immediately consume services, straight from the cloud. We worry about making sure you have all of the capacity you need with our linearly scalable solution set. On-boarding can occur in as little as hours and delivery of our service offering is totally untethered from your choice of cloud or telecommunications providers.

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