I don’t know what I don’t know.

In Information Technology our businesses are often very project driven; “We need a new endpoint solution”, “We need to look at life-cycling our wireless”, “Our company needs a risk management platform”. In cyber security, this approach often leads to our clients ‘not knowing what they don’t know’. What they mean by this, is they rarely get the opportunity to take a step back and look at their cyber security in a holistic way (the people, processes and technology that make up security for them), and map themselves against common security frameworks to know where they’re strong and where they may need to work on.

To help our clients better equip themselves to respond to this issue, we’ve released version 2.0 of the Cythera Security Platform, the cornerstone of which is a cyber security health assessment.

The cyber security health assessment can be self run, or run by a Cythera team member alongside your IT team. The health assessment is administered in the form of a question and answer format, the results of which influence a risk rating, and maps your strengths and weaknesses against the NIST security framework, as well as the ASD Essential 8. This allows IT teams to understand where they are performing well, and areas of their security people, processes or technology they may need to focus on.

The assessment, which is free to use, can be run at regular intervals or once a year to compare to previous assessments, and ensure you’re improving in areas of focus. After the assessment is run, you can then access our business toolkit which provides recommended solutions in areas you want to drill down on, which include the full suite of Cytheras Protection Platform and associated offerings, allowing you to move towards an improved security posture across your business.

Our updated Security Platform also gives you access to ready-to-edit cyber policy templates and checklists, and allows you to easily enable phishing simulations and cyber awareness training for staff; items that are often lacking from Australian businesses security program.

Access your own cyber security health assessment, get started today for FREE at https://aware.cythera.com.au/free/

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