How secure is your business from cyber-attack?

There are two common answers to this question; 1) I don’t know. 2) I think we’re secure.

Either answer is unlikely to tell you much about your business cyber readiness, but to be fair it’s not an easy question to answer. There is a lot to know about cyber-security and the threats you will face before you can effectively start to defend your business.

Many businesses have a high-level awareness of cyber-security but unless you’re an expert – it’s nearly impossible to know your current security posture and what extra things you should do to stay protected. What your business spent money on in the past may not be enough to keep it protected today – especially with the emerging threats that are aimed at your users.

Cyber crime is a big problem across Australia. There has been a 712%* increase in reported data breaches over the last 12 months and 60%* of these breaches were caused by malicious or criminal attack.

Compounding the problem is many small to medium businesses don’t think they’re a target.  They think hackers are only chasing the big fish. Unfortunately, they’re very wrong. 83%* of reported data breaches affect companies with less than 1000 people. Hackers continually target smaller businesses because most lack the effective IT security systems and process controls, they need.

We constantly hear horror stories from small business owners that thought they were protected until a hacker gained access to one of their user’s email accounts, found an invoice and changed the payment details. Not only does this have a financial impact, it can carry a reputational impact, be it between your business and business partners, or between your business and your customers.

What can you do to protect your business from cyber-attack?

A good first step is to take Cythera’s FREE Cyber Health Check.  The Cythera Cyber Health Check accurately analyses your security posture and provides you comprehensive risk profile spanning 14 separate cyber security categories. The health check also includes a functional risk dashboard which displays your risk profile in comparison with the Australian Signals Directorate – Essential 8 and National Institute of Standards and Technology security frameworks; The global and local best practice cyber security frameworks.

Don’t guess, know the maturity level of your business to respond to cyber attacks and start planning to put in place the defences you will need to prepare for the cyber threat landscape of the future.


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