The basic defense trifecta smart businesses are deploying in 2020

2020 is shaping up to be a big year in the cyber security space for Australian business.

Organisations globally are looking to streamline operations and get an edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Savvy leaders will make sure their attention always remains on their core capabilities.

This includes keeping an eye on their core offering and making sure they nail delivery on all elements of their business.

It also means ensuring they keep costs down and sales up.

Highly effective business leaders take foundational steps to make sure business interruptions are minimal at all times.

Owners and decision makers of large scale manufacturing businesses through to highly sort-after local dentistry practices are always well positioned when planning is considered and risks to the business addressed early.

In 2020, cyber security incidents remain a real threat to every Australian business.

Businesses looking to be well positioned in their cyber security defences work towards three main elements.

Cythera Services Manager Ben Cuthbert explains with his three top tips.

Watch as Cythera’s co-founder and head of Security Operations Ben Cuthbert shares his top three tips for defending against cyber attacks

TIP #1. Update your software. Now.

“First of all. Patch,” said Ben. “A lot of people disable software updates or hit the ‘remind me tomorrow’ button on software updates for months on end.”

“Operating system vendors are not just putting out new features or updates, they are often putting out urgent software patches and software fixes.”

“Be more disciplined in terms of keeping software up to date and keep your laptops and operating systems patched.”

TIP #2. Two Factor Authentication.

“A lot of the attacks we’re seeing are based on credential stealing attacks or phishing attacks. One way to try to thwart that is by adding two factor authentication.”

How does multi factor authentication work?

“You enter in your username and password and you have to add in something else such as a code sent to your phone or you need to hit approve within an application,” states Ben.

“It is just another way to validate that it is really you performing an action rather than someone that has stolen your account.”

TIP #3: Upskill your team

“Trying to upskill your staff is the third really big one,” Ben says. “Running a cyber security awareness program or having cyber security awareness as part of your onboarding for staff educating them on cyber security topics.”

Ben Cuthbert is Services Manager of Cythera, with a leadership team comprised of industry veterans with backgrounds as highly successful entrepreneurs, Tier 1 telco and IT security vendors.

Ben and the Cythera team are passionate advocates with a belief in the criticality of effective cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Find out more on the Cythera Security Platform.

If I had a dollar to spend in cyber security…

The 2018 OAIC data breach statistics revealed that over 75% of successful security breaches start with human error. The most common cyber attacks come in the form of malicious emails sent to unsuspecting employees, meaning employees are literally the first line of defence.

Although we often focus on technology solutions to solve security problems, our people are often still the weakest link, especially non-IT savvy users. If I had to spend a dollar in time or technology, I would look to close this gap while providing an education process that teaches employees about cybersecurity, IT best practices and regulatory compliance.

The best cyber security protection mechanism is in the active and ongoing education of your employees. Experience has shown that quick, relevant, and ongoing training during an employee’s tenure with an organisation are the best way to arm end users to become an organisation’s first line of cyber-defense.

A good security awareness training program should include :

Cythera provides businesses with the ability to significantly reduce risk, decrease incidents and related IT help desk costs, protect their reputation by experiencing fewer breaches, and secure your organisation. Contact us to start your cyber awareness program today.

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