Secure Network Fabric

Enterprise grade, elastic and agile network security services, tightly integrated into the Cloud network.

The physical set up of today’s businesses is very different from years gone by. The internet has rapidly changed how your customers, staff and suppliers interact with your business. We now rely on cloud based applications, mobile devices and untrusted networks to serve confidential data. The network and security architectures of yesterday cannot hope to secure today’s rapidly evolving business without a tightly integrated security stack which enables total application delivery security through any network, to any device, in any location.

The Cythera Secure Network Fabric leverages technology from Cato Networks to provide a secure enterprise network for the business of today. Coupling tightly integrated cloud security services with SD-WAN connectivity and a global MPLS replacement backbone, Cythera can provide businesses with a simple, affordable and enterprise-grade secure network. No more costly hardware deployments, management complexities, capacity constraints, outdated software, or restricted visibility.

Comprehensive Network Security Everywhere

Cato Networks has built a full network security stack directly into a global backbone of interconnected POPs. This architecture extends enterprise-grade network security protection for every business user and location – without deploying a proliferation of edge security appliances. Security inspection and enforcement are applied to both WAN, Cloud and Internet-bound traffic as well as TLS encrypted traffic.

A Single Enterprise Wide Security Policy

Security policies within the Cythera Secure Network Fabric can be applied corporate wide or down to specific users and locations to secure access to both on-premise applications, cloud data centres, and public cloud applications such as Office 365, Box and Salesforce.

Connections to your cloud providers (eg Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform) are terminated directly into the network fabric allowing for rapid connectivity to core business applications without reducing your security posture.


Protects internet, cloud and WAN traffic at any location using application aware policies, without hardware appliances or traffic backhaul. Seamlessly scales to support multi-gigabit traffic and upgrades with new capabilities and countermeasures against emerging threats.


Detects and prevent access to phishing and malicious websites to minimise the risk of credential theft, vulnerability exploitation, and malware infection.


Inspects all traffic for a wide range of threats using multiple layers of protection to prevent compromise of users’ desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Controls and secures access from mobile devices to cloud applications (Office 365, Salesforce, etc.) and cloud infrastructure (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure).


Consolidates network and security events for analysis by Cato’s Management Application or sharing with third party tools such as SIEMs. Cato Research Labs performs ongoing evaluation of network activity for malicious traffic within the corporate network and to the Internet.


Provides in depth visibility into overall network activity by location, applications, groups and users. Admins can centrally configure application-aware policies to control resource usage and access, and be alerted to security and network events.

Up-to-date and right-sized Protection

Without the constraints of physical appliances, Cato Networks experts seamlessly update the cloud-based network fabric to address emerging threats and scale the cloud infrastructure to support any traffic volume. Our customers are relieved from the need to patch sprawling appliances software or upgrade and manage dated and underpowered hardware.

Cloud-based and SLA-backed Global Backbone

The Cythera Secure Network Fabric is built on a globally distributed, scalable, and redundant Points of Presence (PoPs). The PoPs are interconnected with SLA-backed global carrier transports. The PoPs are meshed into a global overlay and continuously monitor the carriers latency and packet loss to determine optimal path between any two locations. The PoPs run Cato Network’s integrated network and security software stack to optimise and secure traffic flow. Unlike traditional SD-WAN solutions, moving to the Cythera Secure Network Fabric doesn’t mean you lose your quality of service or high performance WAN and low latency applications like voice and video get the network they need.

Optimized Last Mile Connectivity

The Cythera Secure Network Fabric optimises last-mile connectivity through multiple techniques including application- and link-aware policy-based routing, hybrid WAN support (MPLS+Internet), Active/Active link management, Forward Error Correction (FEC) for packet loss mitigation, and TCP Proxy for traffic acceleration. Unlike appliance-based SD-WAN solutions, the network fabric uniquely optimises both the last mile between the customer edges and the Cloud PoPs, and the middle mile on the Cato global backbone. This optimisation maximises throughput end-to-end by controlling packet flow throughout the entire route.

Secure Mobile VPN

The Cythera Secure Network Fabric connects every mobile user to the Cato Cloud and provides secure and optimised access to enterprise resources in physical and cloud data centres, cloud applications and internet sites. All mobile access is protected against malicious web sites. Corporate security policies are seamlessly extended to control mobile access to sensitive data, both on-premises and in the cloud. No longer are your mobile endpoints the uncontrolled and insecure component of your network.

Management Application

The unique Cato Management Application enables full traffic visibility for the entire organisational network and a way to manage a unified policy across all users, locations, data and applications (both internal and Internet/Cloud-based). A single management portal for your entire network, with centralised reporting and policy generation.

Secure Network Fabric as-a-Service

Cythera’s monitoring and management service extends the services administered by Cato in the Cloud. Cato customers can optionally reduce the workload of administering their Wide Area Network and Security suite by outsourcing the responsibility to the team at Cythera.

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