Cythera Security Protection Bundles

No matter your industry, the size of your business, or your current level of cyber security exposure, it is now more important than ever to have third-party eyes on your cyber security. Cythera provides turn-key services that allow you to protect your business assets from cyber risk, monitor, detect and respond to attacks and complimentary services that assure and insure your cyber security posture. 


We help you identify the risks in your network, helping
you to discover where the bad guys would
break in, or how they already have

To help organisations best protect their corporate assets, infrastructure, applications and users, Cythera have created a series of CSPProtect Bundles. These bundles allow for the common cyber threat vectors to be addressed in a defence-in-depth style, with more advanced bundles delivering 24x7 real time monitoring and detection of threats in your network.  

The CSPProtect Bundles allow for a low monthly cost per user, delivering a security portfolio comprised of best-in-class technology solutions to help dramatically reduce your businesses cyber security risk exposure. The Cythera Protection Bundles are designed to be simple to deploy and use. To help you through the deployment and ensure that you get the most value out of your investment, a quick start on-boarding fee will also be included in the cost of your service.

CSP essentials

“Needing the basics?”

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The CSP Essential Bundle delivers the core components businesses need to address the most common threats in the wild and on the Internet.

Protect your users from malware, ransomware, phishing and other malicious web content while creating a comprehensive defence-in-depth outcome for all of the users in your business.

CSP advanced

“Demanding more?”


The CSP Advanced Bundle builds upon the Essential bundle, adding in further protective security capabilities to protect your business from a rapidly evolving threat landscape.  

Along with an additional web protection layer, allowing for website classification, policing and reporting at a user level, the Advanced bundle includes EndpointProtect Lite and security policies customised for your business and a quarterly security review.

CSP elite

“Real and active threats?”


The CSP Elite Bundle builds upon the Essential and Advanced bundles, providing a fully managed EDR solution with real time 24x7 monitoring and reactive services.

The Elite bundle delivers an ability to detect and respond to zero-day attacks and sophisticated targeted attacks on your business, all with the assurance of a 24x7 monitoring and escalation offer in the event that a user or device is compromised.

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