Managed Detection and Response

Continually hunt for cyber threats in your environment using Cythera's Security Operations Centre

Is your business fully prepared for potential cyber threats? Do you even monitor beyond endpoints and firewalls?

A cyber threat can destroy the integrity and trust of an organisation instantly.

Your business is accountable for maintaining the privacy of your corporate and personal data and that of your customers, and protecting that data has never been more critical.

Cythera has developed a Managed Detection and Response platform that is both affordable and effective in assisting Australian businesses find and resolve cyber security incidents.

Managed Detection and Response​ to protect against the threat of cyber attack

Cythera’s Managed Detection and Response platform is an extension of your security team, providing 24/7 detection and response in your environment for a low monthly fee.

Cythera provides Security-as-a-Service.

Powered by people who understand the difference between user behaviour and attacker behaviour. Cythera has the time to focus on hunting and processing threat intelligence.

Technology that understands your environment and can be automated to detect and respond on your behalf.

A team with the extensive experience required to solve your toughest security problems.

Australian based security operators understand the local market and threat landscape


Your organisation can finally have everything it needs to remain safe, without actually taking on much of the heavy lifting.

MDR services give security teams the ability to find, investigate and remove attackers from the environment long before traditional security tools’ alarm bells ring.

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Cloud Delivered MDR

The Cythera Managed Detection and Response Platform is a cloud delivered service based upon the industry-leading technology of Rapid7’s incident detection and response solution, InsightIDR.

InsightIDR combines user behaviour analytics, SIEM, deception technology and endpoint detection capabilities all in one place.

Your data is securely hosted here in Australia and your MDR service can be up and running in days.

Managed Detection and Response​ to protect against the threat of cyber attack


Most Security Operations Centre’s focus on known threats, which means as threats evolve, incidents can go undetected and unmitigated for months and even years.
This allows attackers to get comfortable within an environment and to wreak havoc.

During the initial 30 days of your service, you will work collaboratively with Cythera to ensure the successful deployment and configuration of your service.

Regular monitoring and threat hunting enables the team from Cythera to detect and respond to threats more quickly and efficiently. You will meet with a Threat Assessment Manager on a monthly basis to ensure your security plan is evolving with your needs, and if we do find something, our team has a one-hour SLA for notifying you.

Incident Response

Great incident detection and response is more than what you know—it’s knowing what you don’t know, too. Unlike other Security Operation Centre’s and managed services, Cythera’s Managed Detection and Response platform incorporates four distinct threat detection methodologies to detect the unknown:

  1. Threat intelligence is gathered from Rapid7’s 5000+ customers and third-party intelligence groups, anonymised, and analysed to further automate threat detection and response.
  2. User behaviour analytics leverages knowledge of how regular users behave in order to spot anomalies, enabling more efficient insider threat and stolen credential detection.
  3. Attacker behaviour analysis allows rules to be put into place to automatically make decisions based on familiarity with hacker behaviour.
  4. Hunting methodology employs complex data analytics to identify unknown threats.

These methodologies make it possible to validate threats before they’re reported with a nearly zero percent false positive rate.

Managed Detection and Response​ to protect against the threat of cyber attack

MDR Service Offering

The Cythera Managed Detection and Response Platform provides incident detection and response on applications, endpoints, and assets within your organisation, including those in the cloud.

With Managed Detection and Response, you’re always prepared to deal with cyber-threats. If there is an incident, such as a breach, our team is ready to switch from detection mode to respond and act. We will work closely with you to create a remediation plan tailored to your organisation.

You will also be provided with a Findings Report containing an executive summary and in-depth analysis of the incident to make sure your organisation understands the issues. This information is further utilised to help fuel threat intelligence to increase speed in detection and response in the future.

Once you’ve transitioned to an IR escalation, our Security Operation Centre and IR analysts will lead the technical analysis and triage an incident to identify the scope of the compromise, including: affected systems and user accounts, attacker command and control channels, malware, and any other artefacts related to the incident.

The Cythera Managed Detection and Response team will determine the best course of action and begin IR activities, Working alongside you and your team to collect forensic data and address the threat.

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