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Cythera EmailProtect

Email is a critical business communication tool that we all rely upon. This makes it one of the most targeted entry points for malicious actors seeking to compromise your IT infrastructure.

Email phishing is the act of sending emails purporting to be an entity (such as Google) or an individual (such as your CEO), often using a crafted email with graphics and text from legitimate emails included to fool users into entering login information or opening an attachment. The attacker can then use the stolen credentials to gain access to your organisation, or use malware the user clicks on to gain a control channel into your environment.

Solution Highlights:

  • Protect users from email phishing attacks
  • Defend against malware embedded into email
  • Block malicious email attachments and executable scripts
  • Stop SPAM and inappropriate email
  • Mitigate confidential data exfiltration
  • Cloud delivered, cost effective and easy to set up
  • Powered by Proofpoint
According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 30% of all phishing messages get opened by targeted users and 12% of those users click on the malicious attachment or link. Attacking via email is a very profitable and low cost method for hackers, with the sophistication of these attacks on the rise on a daily basis. What could a potential data breach cost you? Data from Deloitte shows, one-third of consumers said they would stop dealing with a business following a cyber-security breach, even if they do not suffer a personal loss or cost.

Part of our Protection offering, Cythera EmailProtect offers another layer in the ‘security onion’ by protecting users from malicious links and attachments sent via email, with the business benefit of protecting assets and reducing risk. Additional benefits include removal of spam, advanced malware, as well as providing data leakage protection (DLP) services to further protect your business.

Cloud delivered for simple setup and the ability to run no matter where your users are, EmailProtect provides the most comprehensive inbound and outbound defenses out of the box for organisations of all sizes.

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