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Secure users from cyber attacks.

Cythera DNSProtect

Cythera DNSProtect solution offers a quick, straightforward, and highly effective way to secure users from cyber attacks using the DNS protocol no matter where they are.

Your DNS connection is involved in every aspect of internet usage, helping you navigate the internet by converting domain names to IP addresses for every web request you make. 

DNS is not only at the heart of every internet transaction, but it’s also extremely useful to cyber attackers.

Malware uses DNS to communicate back to command and control servers to deliver ransomware, steal your data, or turn your network into a botnet for criminal use.

Not only do businesses need to secure their networks, endpoints and users against the risks that come with uncontrolled web usage, they must also protect the connection itself.

This fully cloud-based, secure, and resilient service takes minutes to set up.

DNSProtect delivers a DNS level firewall with continuous updates containing IP addresses and domains used by threat actors for command and control and malware hosting traffic heading out of your network.

Solution Highlights:

Secure users from cyber attacks with Cythera

Cythera DNSProtect stops up to 90% of web-borne malware at the domain layer so it never reaches your network.

Attacks are prevented by disabling the ability for malware to call home, eliminating data exfiltration that has bypassed existing network security layers.

An advanced reporting portal provides full visibility into blocked DNS queries, identifying impacted machines, allowing for efficient and accurate remediation.

Turn your internet link into a clean pipe by removing known malicious destinations and attack sources.

The Cythera DNSProtect solution was built for the future and supports IPv6, the next generation of internet protocol.

DNSProtect can also save you time and money, adding another tool to minimise unproductive web usage. With advanced reporting on more than 80 URL categories, your business can gain greater visibility than ever, reduce risk, tailor usage policies to your organisation’s unique needs, filter out non business related websites, geo-block untrusted destinations, and ensure your internet connectivity is used only for legitimate business purposes.

DNSProtect is the first level of defence from malicious threats on the Internet.

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