Cythera Security Platform (CSP)

The Cythera Security Platform (CSP) is a highly scalable security architecture that allows our customers to flexibly consume a range of next-generation security services that can be implemented individually or interwoven into a complete security offering to protect your business from today’s threat landscape.

The CSP includes a series of highly functional technology solutions which can be delivered as a service for a low, fixed monthly fee. These solutions are additionally underpinned by several unique platforms that create a fully featured cyber security solution set, capable of addressing the most complex and ever evolving threats that your business will face.


Protection for your users, applications, IT assets and infrastructure. Enabling malware protection, endpoint protection, DNS firewall functionality, web content filter, email filtering, ransomware protection, botnet protection and scheduled cyber-drills for a low monthly per user cost.

Monitor & Detect

Utilising our comprehensive Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service solution, Cythera provide real-time visibility and incident detection across your network, endpoints, and cloud services, unifying SIEM, UBR, ABA and EDR in a single console.


Proactively responding on behalf of your security environment, Cythera can provide incident response services within our MDR platform and on retainer. Enlist our help improving your incident response capabilities or let us charge into the fight with you.


Provide proactive maintenance of your security posture through scheduled and on-demand penetration testing, vulnerability management, threat hunting and event remediation services.


Mitigate your business risk exposure by offsetting costs involved with recovery after a cyber-related security breach or similar event through a cyber security insurance policy.

Turn-Key Cyber Security Outcomes

The Cythera Security Platform leverages next generation security technologies, including the latest artificial intelligence to actively protect critical applications, devices and networks.  If a security event is detected, then the CSP can efficiently respond to the security threat (24×7) using a combination of automated controls, specialised SOC operators and well-defined playbooks to limit further exposure and efficiently manage the necessary response.

Furthermore, CSP has the capability to continuously measure a range of behavioural indices which act as a baseline for normalised security performance including user behaviour analytics and endpoint monitoring. If any one of these indices falls below the predefined base-line, then the CSP will commence a proactive assessment of the alert.

Assurance Services

This Cythera offering incorporates a range of Assurance services which can either be consumed within the CSP or independently. These Assurance services are designed to measure the current state of security systems and processes within a defined environment and provide guidance on remediation, user training or further security improvements to mitigate IT risk.

The result is a highly intuitive security platform which will adapt to an ever-evolving threat landscape whilst providing surety that a specialist security service provider is responsible for the outcome.

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