Amplify client engagement and relationships with Cythera

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), you’re probably internally considering how to offer cyber security services to your existing clients and prospects.  Do you build team capabilities internally, or do you look for partnership opportunities with specialist cyber security companies without the additional overhead? 

This can be a challenging conversation to protect client relationships while offering security services and technology.  Some security companies offer a range of services and technology that you may believe impedes on your own client offering.  How does your organisation find a partnership that will amplify client engagement and relationships without impeding on what you’ve built? 

Here are five questions to discuss internally before embarking on assessing a security partnership: 

  1. What values must align for us to partner with a company? 
  1. How would a partner assist us in-market for opportunities? 
  1. Does the partner become part of our brand, or do we introduce their brand to our clients? 
  1. What would service delivery look like with a partner? 
  1. How do we test a partner on a small engagement to build trust over time? 

Each question will have importance based on what you’re trying to achieve.  For short term project engagements, maybe it’s as simple as a one-off service offering to a highly regarded client.  Maybe you want to offer monitoring of your clients’ internal attack surface to show strength in the network you’ve built and maintain.   

Cythera was established in late 2018 with the ethos of helping businesses of all sizes in Australia with their cyber security capabilities.  As a managed security service provider, we only provide cyber security services and technology.  You could say our motto is, “You do you, we do us” when it comes to how we build partnership capabilities.   

Reach out to Team Cythera to discuss how we can help you focus on client relationships while we build your cyber security capabilities.   

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