The changing face of IT security buying

Buying IT security can be a complicated process.

Today, there are literally thousands of security vendors who all claim to have the latest and most secure security product on the planet to help defend your businesses from cyber-attack. But which ones do you pick?

Businesses must work with technology partners, vendors and industry peers to make the best security technology decisions, but this takes time, money and plenty of people from all areas of your business.  To compound this problem businesses are confronted with countless industry terms, buzzwords and acronyms to make decision making even more complicated. Do you need a SIEM, EDR, MDR, EPP, NGAV, CASB, SOC, DLP or maybe even UBA?  What’s more, the security solutions can often be in search of a problem which may not exist in your business but because of slick, fear based selling tactics businesses can make poor security technology investments which don’t solve the most critical problems.

Businesses also face confusing information from technology partners and vendors who can claim they work in unison with other technology vendors under consideration. However, when you scratch the surface they don’t work in unison or can’t easily be integrated into a single cohesive solution.

Finally, businesses are now regularly seeking consumption-based procurement options for security technology. Options include per user pricing, monthly payment plans and annuity-based cloud licensing which avoids infrastructure obsolescence. Many of these options have been available for years with other IT solutions but for some reason security has lagged. As such, businesses are stuck with large, up-front capital investments which are infrastructure heavy and may struggle to defend against new and emerging threats for the duration of the designated investment period.

To help address these problems, the team from Cythera developed the Cythera Security Platform – Protection Bundles. The bundles utilise a combination of class-leading managed security technology to defend against common and advanced security threats. The bundles are cloud delivered, easy to set up and billed on a monthly basis, per user.  No longer do businesses need to complete complex, time consuming market assessments, technology testing and procurement processes. Cythera has already scoured the market for the best security technology, rigorously tested it in a production environment and developed an easy-to-consume, subscription based commercial model with low upfront costs.

Cythera has developed a platform which helps business save time, money and important resources while improving the security posture for the life of the subscription service.

For more information or pricing visit https://www.cythera.com.au/protection-bundles

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