Making enterprise security defences available to every Australian business

Well-known IT leader Euan Prentice has two missions in life. To visit 100 countries by the age of 50 and to ensure that every single Australian business has access to the same level of cyber security protection.

“Having a purpose attached to an IT company is actually a really enjoyable thing,” said Euan.

“I fundamentally believe that cyber security threatens all Australian businesses and should be affordable to all Australian businesses. That just hasn’t been the case in the past.”

With Cythera bucking the trend by bringing affordable, class-leading cyber security solutions to Australian businesses, Euan’s second mission is looking on track.

“Cythera exists to help Australian businesses protect themselves against cyber-attacks,” said Euan.

“Everybody faces the same threats today equally. Whether you are a dentist, a medium sized manufacturer or a large bank. You are subject to the same problems universally.”

Watch as Cythera Co-Founder and Director Euan Prentice shares why he believes in making enterprise security defences available for every Australian business.

Sitting within Cythera’s Melbourne Headquarters, Euan sheds light on the highly complex architecture that underpins the security efforts that Cythera deploys for clients.

“I think people enjoy dealing with Australian businesses located in Australia,” said Euan. “And staffed by Australians.”

Euan Prentice’s formal background was in law and mathematics however believes that IT has always been a hobby and therefor it has been his career.

“I have done it for over 20 years in a variety of roles from Project Management to Account Management and running and owning businesses.”

Euan previously co-founded the highly reputable and successful company O2 Networks with leading cyber security expert Craig Joyce.

“O2 Networks was an incredibly successful IT networking and security consulting firm. We went to large clients and advised them on how to build robust networks that were secure.”

“What we wanted to do was bring those skills to all Australian businesses. Not just the big ones.”

Euan Prentice is passionate about all things technology. From FinTech to Cyber Security, Euan has a proven track record of building highly reputable and successful IT companies.

Euan leads the passionate team at Cythera, known for their role as passionate advocates with a belief in the criticality of effective cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Cythera understands the challenges local businesses face protecting their business from cyber threats and has built Cythera from the ground up to support businesses to meet these demands.

Read more on Euan and the Cythera leadership team.

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