Security Operations head shares some of the common cyber threats facing Australian businesses.

Australians tend to be humble when it comes to announcing achievements to the world.

It’s our point of difference and what makes us so damn likeable. We’re sure of it.

Less time boasting and more time just getting the job done. That’s the Australian way.

When it comes to communicating how good Cythera is at helping Australian businesses stay ahead of cyber security threats, we know that it is one of those things that needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

The reason is, Cythera helps Australian businesses defend against cyber-attacks.

Co-Founders Craig Joyce and Euan Prentice are two of the minds behind the highly successful O2 Networks. They are the go-to experts for Australia’s leading IT businesses and have made a career out of doing what they enjoy.

When they set to work developing their next project to protect Australian businesses, they wanted to work with the best.

In steps Cythera Services Manager Ben Cuthbert.

Ben is that approachable guy who just gets it. In phone or in person, you know straightaway your business is in good hands.

When you’re starting a cyber security business from the ground up, getting him set the tone on how it needs to come together with his experience in security is the right move.

Watch as Cythera Services Manager Ben Cuthbert shares some of the common cyber threats facing Australian businesses.

“Before coming to Cythera to kick off the business, I have been working for Silicon Valley based companies for the last 14 years,” said Ben. “F5 Networks, BlueCat Networks and my last stint was with Palo Alto Networks, helping customers at the larger end of town such as banks and government agencies deploy complex security architectures. To be able to take it to Australian businesses has been really exciting.”

Ben is responsible for building the security capabilities that Cythera delivers as well as running the security operations team.

“This is our people watching our customers environment, responding to alerts, responding to incidents and helping to roll technology out.”

“Part of our role is about educating customers and helping them on their journey to reduce their risk and protect their business.”

When to report a cyber incident.

“Everything from traditional viruses, malware and ransomware has become really prolific. We see a lot of people who come into the office on a Monday and someone has downloaded something and suddenly no one can log into computers within the network.”

“You can imagine if you are a small or a medium business with 100 employees and no one can log into their machines and can’t service their clients or can’t take payments. You can imagine how quickly that would shatter your business.”

“We see a lot of phishing attacks where someone gets sent an email asking them to log into something like Office 365 or Dropbox. They get their credentials stolen,” said Ben.

“We’ve seen a lot of incidents lately where attackers have got access to invoices and they have edited the invoice and resent them to clients with different BSB and Account numbers. If you are a small or medium business that can really effect your bottom line.”

Ben is head of security ops and services at Cythera, with a leadership team comprised of industry veterans with backgrounds as highly successful entrepreneurs, Tier 1 telco or IT vendor providers.

Ben and the Cythera team are passionate advocates with a belief in the criticality of effective cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Read more in some of Ben’s recent blogs

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