Assurance Services

Cythera also provides a range of complimentary cyber security services to assist you in assessing your risk, security posture, and exposure. Along with assessment services we can also provide assistance with incident response, education and training.

Breach / Compromise Assessment

  • Malware Analysis – Discovery of any malicious payloads, including rapid reverse-engineering of capabilities and features, and impact assessment
  • Endpoints Digital Forensics: Investigation of any clients that were compromised
  • Root Cause Analysis: What were the conditions that made this particular attack possible and what implications could that have on the cyber defence assumptions made by the client thus far.
  • Development of Security Requirements: Based on the results of the investigation, what security investments should be made to make sure you’re protected into the future
  • Preparation of an Incident Analysis report
  • In cases where we discover that the adversary is still within a clients network, additional threat hunting and assistance to recover can be provided to respond to the incident.


Incident Response

  • Rapid response assistance to ongoing security incidents.
  • Breach assessment including identifying persistent attackers in your environment
  • Digital forensics and reverse engineering of malware, misconfiguration and malicious insiders
  • Assist internal teams and executives on a prioritised response plan


Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability scanning of applications, network and devices
  • Prioritise critical vulnerabilities that your organisation may be exposed to
  • Assist with remediation and patching strategy
  • Preparation of an assessment report


Education, Training & Strategy

  • Training employees on information security
  • Developing ongoing programs to train staff to identify the tactics and techniques attackers use
  • Assistance in designing security architectures and programmes.

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