Assess the cyber readiness of your business

Is your cyber awareness where it should be to protect your business? Find out now.

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Cyber Awareness Health-check

The team at Cythera has developed an easy-to-use solution to help you evaluate the health of your business’s cyber security defences and improve your cyber awareness.

The Cythera Cyber Assessment Health Check is an easy-to-use security posture assessment.
The assessment covers eighteen security categories to determine the level of cyber risk your business is presently facing.

Each category in the Cythera Cyber Assessment Health Check is mapped to two separate security frameworks.

This classifies your current cyber security posture against acknowledged best-practice from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).


Results from the assessment are presented in a confidential client portal which includes an overall risk score and recommended improvement initiatives to continually help reduce your cyber risk.

Assess the cyber readiness of your business
Assess the cyber readiness of your business

Cyber Awareness Training Platform

Designed to upskill staff and educate them on good cyber security practices, The Cythera Cyber Awareness Training platform comprises:

  • Phishing Simulations: Allows clients to perform unlimited phishing campaigns to test staff over a 12 month period, and is valuable in reinforcing training. Phishing simulations are easily created using pre-built templates. Businesses are provided with granular statistics that track user statistics.
  • Awareness Training: Includes over twenty-five engaging cyber security courses which are delivered as animated videos. At the completion of each course there is a short quiz, ensuring that the learning outcomes of the course are achieved. The platform also includes detailed reporting on learner engagement and quiz results which are all exportable via CSV.
  • Awareness Material: Includes over twenty print ready PDF posters. New material is developed and delivered monthly. Training material covers topics including Passwords, Phishing, Devices, Information, Email, Wi-Fi, Physical and General. These posters can be displayed prominently throughout your business to continually remind users of the cyber risks your business is exposed to.
Assess the cyber readiness of your business
Assess the cyber readiness of your business

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