Cythera is here to protect Australian businesses


Cythera was founded with a laser-like focus seeking to successfully deliver world-leading cyber security solutions to our customers for a low monthly cost.

Cythera recognise that Australian businesses are faced with an ever increasing risk of cyber-attack.

In 2018, Australia saw a 90% increase in Notifiable Data Breaches from February to December.

The rapid rise in cyber risk is compounded by a lack of skilled security resources and uncertainty from Australian businesses as to what technologies should be deployed to best protect against evolving cyber-attacks.

Now, more than ever, Australian businesses need a trusted security partner to deliver a simple outcome-based security service which takes the hassle out of vendor technology selection and day-to-day operational responsibilities.

Cythera is here to protect Australian businesses

At Cythera, we reduce the risk your business faces by creating defence-in-depth architectures underpinned by the industry best practice.

Acknowledging that the cyber threat landscape is rapidly shifting, we identify market-leading and effective security technologies  that continuously adapt and reduce your risk exposure in an economical fashion.

With the advent of cloud delivered services from web titans like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, customers no longer have an expectation to pay in advance for the hardware or infrastructure needed to underpin their businesses. Recognising this shift, Cythera have built a business focused on delivering cyber security outcomes, purely as a service, consumed on a month-by-month basis by our customers.

We don’t want to sell you the newest device at the highest price — we are your turn-key cybersecurity provider with your best interests in mind. You are never just a ticket number with us; our engineers know all of our clients by name, and we protect your network as if it were our own.

At Cythera, we have a global network of strong, trusted relationships in the cybersecurity space and we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to tricky problems. We continually scan the cyber security innovation markets, in places like Israel and Silicon Valley, and look to partner with unique technology providers when they demonstrate the maturity required to best service our client’s needs.

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